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      Notice to all Residents of the Robersonville Housing Authority

      The RHA Office will be temporarily closed due to the increased ACTIVE cases of COVID-19 within our Housing Agency.

      Residents of the RHA may make appointments for in office visits.

      Pleased be advised, that while in the RHA Office, masks will be worn properly at all times, your temperature will be taken, and a series of questions will be asked.

      Only Emergency Maintenance Work Orders will be performed until further notice

      Social Distancing will be observed in our waiting area.

      The applicant waiting lists have been closed due to the large number of applicants waiting.

      The RHA will advertise the reopening of any or all waiting lists on this site.



       If you do not have a mailing address or email address updated with us, you will not receive your rent letter or receipt unless you come to the drive thru window and request them. RHA Staff will no longer hand deliver rent letters or receipts.


      Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 The Robersonville Housing Authority (RHA) will follow the Recommendations of the State of North Carolina.

      The Robersonville Housing Authority is actively monitoring all information released about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is taking precautionary measures to protect both our clientele and staff.

      Our precautions are based on guidance issued by the State of North Carolina and other reputable agencies including the CDC.

      The RHA is working to minimize public contact by limiting the amount of people visiting the main office, shop, and other common areas to a 10 person capacity.   

      The Community Center will remain Closed until further notice.


       Maintenance work has been limited to emergency work only. Maintenance staff will ask a series of questions to determine if work can be performed in your unit.  Maintenance staff will also have and wear proper PPE  and make requests that residents  exit the area maintenance work is being performed until the work is completed. 


      Residents are asked to notify RHA staff members of suspected illness in the event that a home visit is anticipated, or a maintenance repair is needed in your home, so we may better prepare our staff.

      Residents are encouraged to contact RHA staff by telephone, or email. 

      All inquiries are to be directed to the Main Office 252-217-2283 or email Jason J. Whitfield Executive Director at jwhitfield@robersonvillehousing.com.



      Jason J. Whitfield

      Executive Director 

    • Notice To Prospective Bidders: The CPC Committee of the Carolinas Council of Housing, Redevelopment and Codes Officials has closed the Bid Process.


      Click Here for More Information.


    • Contact Us

      We are happy to hear from you at any time.   Feel free to call, email, visit or simply reach out to us through our form on the right and we will respond to you during normal business hours.

      Please use this same form to report any violations in our Smoke Free Policy. Keeping your identity safeguarded is of the utmost importance to us. All E-Mails from this page go directly to the Executive Director for his eyes only.

      Please be sure to include the Date and Time the Violation Occurred, the area it occurred, and the person committing the Violation if known.

      Quality Housing for Robersonville, NC Since 1962


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