• What is Public Housing?

      Public Housing is a federally funded rental assistance program that is located in the city limits of Robersonville NC. The RHA is the landlord. Your rental assistance is directly tied to the unit you are assigned. All program participants are required to pay 30% of their monthly income towards their own rent and utilities.

      Please note: Public Housing has a $50 minimum rent requirement.

    • Who can apply to Public Housing?

      The RHA accepts applications from both market rate renters, as well as those needing rental assistance. Applicants are screened according to HUD and Housing Authority policy. Applicants will submit to criminal, credit, sex offender, and landlord background checks.

    • Do I have to have income in order to be eligible for Public Housing?

      No, this is why the minimum rent is in place.

      Examples of income could be any or all of the following: employment income, child support, social security, TANF, and odd jobs paid in cash.

    • What are the income guidelines?

      Current Income Limits for Public Housing:

      Number in Household 

      Annual Income 

      1 person


      2 person


      3 person


      4 person 


      5 person 


      6 person 


      7 person 


      8 person



    • Can I be over income?

      Yes. If accepted you will pay flat rent. Current flat rent monthly charges are:

      Bedroom Size 

      Fair  Market Rent      

      Flat Rent                        

      1 Bedroom



      2 Bedroom



      3 Bedroom 



      4 Bedroom 



      Please note: An utility allowance is given as per bedroom size and changes monthly.

    • How do I apply for the Public Housing program?

      You may obtain an application for the Public Housing program by clicking on the application tab found on the home screen of our web site robersonvillehousing.com.  The Housing Authority's contact information is located on the first page of the application, top right corner if you choose to come in to our office.

      You may also pick up an application from our receptionist at our office located on 106 NW Railroad Street Robersonville NC 27871. If you need further assistance please contact our receptionist at 252-217-2283 During normal business hours.

    • I am on the waiting list and have a change of information, do I need to report it?

      Yes! It is very important that you let us know of any updated information while your name is on the waiting list.

      We communicate by letter and telephone. If we are trying to contact you and don't hear from you within 10 days we will consider your file closed. Your name will then be removed from the waiting list and you will have to apply again.

      Since the Public Housing program requires income we will also need to have updated information if you loose or gain employment

    • Where are the Public Housing units located?

      The RHA owns 100 Public Housing units that are located in the city of Robersonville. Units range in size from one (1) to five (4) bedrooms. Units are located on the following streets: Green Street, Roberson Street, Second Street, Smith Street, May Street, and Railroad Street.

      Note: You can NOT request a specific street and/or unit.

    • Can I request a certain development or street?

      No. It is one waiting list. If you are deemed eligible, you will be shown the first unit available meeting your bedroom number requirements.

    • Can I refuse a unit that is shown to me?

      Yes. You can refuse one (1) time. After that your file is considered closed and you must reapply to the program.

    • Who pays for the utilities?

      Water, Sewer,and electric are paid by the RHA up to a monthly allowance explained in your lease.

      Phone, cable, and internet are the responsibility of the tenant.

    • Is there a security deposit?

      Yes. Payment arrangements are available. The current deposit rates are:

      $200.00 for all units Paid By 8 payments of $25 dollars a month, or all at once.

    • What amenities are provided?

      A range (stove), refrigerator, and washing machine hook-ups are included with each unit. All locations include storage space attached to each unit.

      Free parking is provided at all sites.

      On-site maintenance is provided along with lawn service, snow removal, and monthly exterminating services if needed and to be determined by RHA Staff.

    • Can I have pets?

      Yes, but you must pay a $220 non-refundable pet deposit. The dog or cat cannot be over 20lbs and you must have documentation showing that the pet is spayed/neutered and all shots are up to date.

    • If I have a maintenance issue who do I call?

      For maintenance issues, tenants of the Public Housing units can call our main office from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday at 252-217-2283

      If it is a non-emergency and after hours please leave a message on the machine and we will get back to you when we are in the office.

      For emergencies ONLY that are after hours or on weekends, tenants can call 252-809-9416 or 252-217-8867

    • What happens after I complete an application for Public Housing?

      Your application needs to be completely filled out with ALL requested information and returned to our office. If we receive an application that is not completely filled out with ALL requested information, it may be sent back to you for your completion, which could delay you being placed on the waiting list.

      You may bring your application to our office, you may mail it back in, or you may complete it electronically.

      Physical Address 

       Mailing Address


      106 NW Railroad Street Robersonville    NC 27871

      P.O. Box 637

      Robersonville NC 27871


      Once your completed application has been received at the Housing Authority office you will then be placed on the waiting list according to the date and time your application was received.

      Preferences are given to families who are fall under the categories of disabled families needing a specifically designed unit or under emergencies consisting of Natural Disaster.

      Once this has been done you will remain on our waiting list until your name reaches the top.

      It is your responsibility to report any changes in your household while you are on the waiting list. Examples of changes that need to be reported are: your address, your phone number, you or your co-head start or loose employment, etc.